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Welcome to Touhou Patch Center!
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The future of Touhou patching - multilingual, self-updating patches for the main series, completely under the control of fans like you. Read more.

New translators are always welcome. Please read our tutorial page for information on how to contribute.

Language coordination portals
Game data and progress
Right now, in-game dialog, spell cards, music titles & comments, endings (for Icon th10.png Mountain of Faith and later), and images (for Icon th14.png Double Dealing Character) are available for translation. The remaining content will be made available after the full version release of Double Dealing Character.

Also, the progress flags have to be manually updated for now until our new statistics system is implemented.

Games Languages with >95% coverage Languages started & in progress
Icon th06.png TH06 Embodiment of Scarlet Devil English British English Spanish Hungarian Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese Indonesian German Greek Troll translations Yorkshire English Finnish French Italian Luxembourgish Malay Dutch Polish Russian Vietnamese Simplified Chinese
Icon th07.png TH07 Perfect Cherry Blossom Greek English British English Spanish Italian Brazilian Portuguese German Yorkshire English Finnish French Indonesian Luxembourgish Brazilian Portuguese troll translations
Icon th08.png TH08 Imperishable Night English British English Italian German Spanish Finnish French Hungarian Indonesian Luxembourgish Dutch Simplified Chinese
Icon th09.png TH09 Phantasmagoria of Flower View English British English French Spanish Italian Luxembourgish Polish Indonesian
Icon th095.png TH095 Shoot the Bullet English British English Indonesian Spanish French Italian Lojban Dutch Polish Brazilian Portuguese
Icon th10.png TH10 Mountain of Faith English British English German Greek Spanish Finnish French Italian Luxembourgish Dutch Polish Indonesian
Icon alcostg.png UB Uwabami Breakers German English British English Yorkshire English Spanish Finnish Italian Indonesian Luxembourgish
Icon th11.png TH11 Subterranean Animism English British English German Spanish Finnish French Indonesian Italian Korean Luxembourgish Dutch Polish Brazilian Portuguese Russian Vietnamese
Icon th12.png TH12 Undefined Fantastic Object English British English German Spanish Finnish French Luxembourgish Brazilian Portuguese
Icon th125.png TH125 Double Spoiler English British English Italian German Yorkshire English Spanish French Hungarian Indonesian Luxembourgish Malay Dutch Brazilian Portuguese Russian
Icon th128.png TH128 Fairy Wars English British English Italian Korean Pirate English Spanish Luxembourgish Polish German Dutch Brazilian Portuguese Hungarian French
Icon th13.png TH13 Ten Desires English British English Italian German Greek Yorkshire English Spanish Finnish French Italian Korean Luxembourgish Dutch Polish Brazilian Portuguese Russian Indonesian
Icon th14.png TH14 Double Dealing Character English British English Spanish Indonesian Italian Polish German Pirate English Troll translations Yorkshire English Russian Finnish French Swiss German Croatian Hungarian Luxembourgish Mongolian Malay Norwegian Bokmål Dutch Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese Klingon Vietnamese Traditional Chinese